The lived experience which might bring you to therapy could include one or more of the following areas of concern:

  • LGBT identity development, dating, partnering, and exploring how to be your authentic self in the world
  • Developmental traumapict3
  • Shock trauma
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Living with acute or chronic illness,
         whether your own or another’s
  • Grief and loss
  • The deeper psychology of home
  • Professional development
  • Systems issues: better understanding
         boundaries, authority, role, task in the
         workplace and in personal relationship,
         including families of origin

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Peter J. Taylor, PhD, SEP, CGP, FAGPA
Clinical Psychologist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Certified Group Psychotherapist

As of October 15, 2018, I am relocating to:

35 Rose Ridge
Rose Bay, NS B0J 2X0

Phone: (212) 496-9310

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